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Let us make one thing clear: Your data.

The digital access and maintenance of complex data, especially semi-structured and unstructured text data, presents companies with major challenges. With the unique semantic technology and application environment of klar:suite you can make even large amounts of content accessible. klar:suite enables the computer to understand and process the data and make it available for intelligent applications, high-performance, comprehensible and explainable data interactions and innovative information services. With semantic AI, you get results you can rely on.

Search and get well-founded answers

Turn raw data into trusted knowledge

Provide your customers with relevant information tailored to their needs

Integrate and leverage the language skills of LLMs

Gain agility for future-proof solutions

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Unrivalled support

We listen, understand and implement.
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Faster and better

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Future proof

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Klarso's (Component) Content Management System - the agile and versatile software platform

With its semantic modelling component, klar:suite enables the highly flexible and high-performance storage and processing of information. The modular software platform with a flexible user interface can be easily integrated into your company's system landscape or supplement existing systems with special functions. klar:suite is an independent editorial system and PIM system, individually or combined, for customers from industry, research, media and publishing.

klar:suite editorial system for smart content

klar:suite manages your extensive and complex content such as scientific texts, contracts and technical documentation and makes it smart, usable and future-proof for innovative applications. Read more

Klar:suite PIM for smart product information

Hoch-komplexe Produkte brauchen Produktdaten, die wissen: Welche Produkt- und Zubehöroptionen sind kompatibel? Welche Produktdaten richten sich an welche Zielgruppe? Welche Features sind für welches Einsatzgebiet besonders wichtig? Read more

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