Software Architecture

Evolutionary for sustainable performance

klar:suite - so that the software will be fit for the future

Rapidly changing requirements and conditions are an increasing challenge for businesses. They need software systems that react dynamically and flexibly to new business goals and processes. Read more

demand-driven and collaborative
quickly to complex applications
from single user to enterprise application

Agile and modular for the future

klar:suite is a modular software platform that can be used as a standard single-user application or enterprise-wide with customised tools.

Strong framework

By tightly integrating data storage, logic, functionality and UI, klar:suite makes even complex data available for intelligent use.

Building block system with standard modules for precision tooling

klar:suite comprises application modules that are combined for your software solution and customised according to your requirements. Read more

Separation of Concerns

Each module and component serves a specific aspect of the application. The components/widgets interact with each other. Read more

Programming on the fly - agile development

klar:suite consists of a powerful core with standard modules and can be configured for specific projects and programmed and extended in JavaScript.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Customisations and new features can also be developed and introduced by the customer. Read more

User-friendly no-code application

Importing and mapping configurations are two of many examples in klar:suite, where the user can easily and intuitively design and customise functions via drag & drop without any programming knowledge.

Scalability and speed

The data is stored in a proprietary decentralised NoSQL database. Read more

listen and understand - implement and roll out - learn and adapt through experience - grow and develop along the way

A klar:suite project - agile and to the point

According to the initial requirements klar:suite modules are assembled and customised editors are added if necessary. Read more