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Here you will find our latest articles on the topics of semantic networks, complex data, intelligent information and service applications as well as the latest developments relating to the klar:suite. Enjoy reading.

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The largest conference for technical communication

The program covered the general range of technical communication - from legal frameworks and CMS to artificial intelligence scenarios and the latest developments in AI and the Green Deal.
Klarso gave a presentation at the conference and had a booth at the tekom trade fair. We say thank you for the many interesting discussions at our booth.
Lecture by Johannes Munk, November 15, 14:00 - 14:45, Title:

From a pile of documents to intelligent information delivery –

it can be that easy with AI


tekom Annual Conference 2023

ICS Stuttgart

14.-16. November


VDMA-conference 2023

Neue Stadthalle Langen
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June 22

9:15 bis 17:00

Documentation in mechanical engineering

Technical documentation between legal compliance and digital requirements

The legal and normative requirements for the technical documentation of products, machines and systems are enormous. There are a large number of international, European and national standards, directives and laws that must be observed when creating technical documents.

The conference will focus on the following questions: How do companies manage the conflicting priorities between legal compliance and digital requirements and how can project participants position themselves when traditional approaches are no longer sufficient? Read more

New priorities, new opportunities

The spring conference starts with a new, exciting concept

- the Marketplace 

The focus is on networking, exchange and fun & games. Admission to the marketplace is free for tekom members.

And then, of course, there is the content - more topical than ever: find out the latest news on the subject of "New priorities, new opportunities - Technical Communication gets new tasks from the EU" in specialist presentations, tutorials and workshops. Read more


tekom spring conference 2023

Congress Centrum Würzburg

April 26-27


tekom annual conference 2022

ICS Stuttgart

November 8-10

Back after corona break

The three-day tekom annual conference including trade fair

will once again take place at the ICS of Messe Stuttgart. Klarso will be represented for the first time with its own stand. In a tool presentation we will introduce the new klar:suite Features für die technische Redaktion vor.

You can find out more about the properties of semantic networks in the lecture, which will be held via the Conference program is available online for three months.

Presentation: November 8, 11:00-11:45, Room C10.3

Talk: November 10, 15:05-15:50, Plenum 1

“Knowledge, Uncertainty and Risks: From individual to global scale”

The International Conference on Knowledge Management (ICKM)

provides researchers and practitioners from all over the world a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas concerning theoretical and practical aspects of Knowledge Management.

ICKM 2022 will be held June 23-24 at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Germany organized by the International Council on Knowledge Management (ICKM) and hosted by the Department of Information Sciences at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. Read more


17th International Conference on Knowledge Management

DGI Track

June 23



VDMA-Tagung 2022

Neue Stadthalle Langen
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June 2

Documentation in mechanical engineering

Outsourcing-Strategien für eine zukunftsfähige technische Dokumentation

The focus of this year's conference with the topic "Outsourcing strategies for future-proof technical documentation" is the question how technical documentation can be digitized and kept up to date with the latest technology so that regulatory requirements are met and the company's own products and services remain attractive to customers. Read more

Focus topic "User experience - the "new normal"?"

Two-day, diversified program of specialist lectures, tutorials and workshops

United under the focus topic "User Experience - the "new normal"?", you can expect a two-day, diversified program of specialist presentations, tutorials and workshops on site in Potsdam. This means plenty of knowledge transfer from industry experts, professional and personal development, exciting presentations, lively discussions and a wide range of networking opportunities. There will also be the opportunity to follow the specialist presentations in a live broadcast by purchasing an online ticket. The respective recordings will be available to all on-site and online visitors for three months. Read more


tekom spring conference 2022


April 6-7

Technical articles

Semantic knowledge networks - trustworthy AI for innovative business applications

From the journal Information – Wissenschaft & Praxis 2022

Katharina Munk

Semantic software technologies transform large volumes of structured and unstructured data into computer-readable and computer-usable knowledge networks. Knowledge networks are created and maintained through agile interaction between humans and computers. With customized editors, natural language processing, semantic classification and self-learning processes, context and text understanding are gradually and increasingly maturing. Read more

Fourth tekom study on component-based content management systems

Fourth tekom study on component-based content management systems

The fourth edition of the content management study provides a comprehensive overview of the editorial systems market. It clearly shows the changed requirements that new technologies and application scenarios, for example, have brought with them. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ziegler and Dr. Daniela Straub present the latest results.

With its klar:suite, Klarso is one of 16 system providers that were analyzed for the tekom study "Efficient information management through component-based content management systems (CCMS)" (Reading sample, PDF).

technische kommunikation: Recherchieren in der Praxis

Smart data

What is actually meant by "smart data"? This article provides answers: Information and data are linked to form a knowledge network. New information products can be created from this or mapped in a portal, for example to facilitate research.

Our article on the topic of semantic knowledge networks: Refining knowledge

technische kommunikation 06/19

DOK.magazin: Technologien, Services & Strategien für das digitale Dokument

Semantic networks

Software for semantic networks offers solutions for highly flexible and complex data applications. Based on smart data, these lay the foundation for product information, catalogs, scientific facts, reference book texts, structured documents such as contracts, manuals, quality documentation and much more.

Our trend article on the topic of semantic database technologies: Klartext

DOK.magazin 4-2017