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Overcome data silos with klar:suite Export

Once companies have chosen a software application, they are often tied to the data structures of the system. The exchange of data between different systems is not possible, data silos are created and the development of the company is permanently blocked. Read more

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With klar:suite, every data exchange is a breeze

Data can be exchanged flexibly with all systems. There are no format restrictions.

Grenzenlos – ohne Format- und Struktur-Beschränkungen

Exports with klar:suite support the original (file) format with the old data structure, conversion to a new data structure, e.g. a new XML-DTD, or exchange with all common standard formats.

Transform - No coding required

Export-Handler wandeln Einträge der kundenspezifischen Datenbankstruktur in Inhalte in gewünschter Struktur und gewünschtem Format um – ohne Programmieraufwand.

Export configuration - automatically compiled

The set of handlers for an export configuration covers the entire database or, depending on the application, only parts of the database, e.g. only certain entry types, terms, attributes and relations, alphabetical ranges or languages.

Linking sources

Import and export configurators that read from and write to other databases. This keeps data synchronised and reliably up to date as a single source of truth.