About us

This is important to us

expressed in pictures by Alex Chauvel

We are „thoughtful Empowerers“.

Listening, understanding, realising applies to us in every interaction, both within the team and with our customers, in every meeting and in every project. By working together in a spirit of mutual respect, we support each other in developing successful software that inspires our customers in the long term..

We make sure we know our stuff
We work with full commitment and energy
We see people behind jobs
We build boxes to think outside of
We are in this together
We boldly do

Our values expressed in pictures by Alex Chauvel

Our 3 core principles

  1. We feel good
  2. We do cool stuff
  3. And we make it actually work

Innovation culture

We get to the bottom of things and constantly adapt our approach.

Dare to leave gaps

We dare to take shortcuts from time to time.
Shortcuts can lead to half-baked code or concepts.
The next time we deal with it, we clean it up and do it better.
We schedule time for cleanup work and make active use of it.

Back to square one

If something is obviously not working ... we take a step back, keep an open mind and see what´s what! To do this, we let go of our assumptions, surrender to reality and examine our work. We rigorously and systematically plow through the problem step by step and take another look at the things that we believe are working. We do not shy away from opening up larger construction sites and cleaning things up if necessary.

Breathing has priority

We are very enthusiastic, excited and passionate about our projects. We always put our health and well-being first. We remind each other to take a step back and take a deep breath every now and then. This makes everything easier and breathing remains our top priority.

Large-scale undertakings

We do not shy away from large-scale undertakings and approach complex, difficult and lengthy projects collaboratively and enthusiastically.


We take a fundamentally positive approach to new ideas and suggestions. We approach difficulties that new suggestions and ideas bring with them in a solution-oriented and non-generalizing way.

This is how we unlock the full potential of every idea.

Questions are important

It is always possible to ask questions. By asking questions, we broaden our horizons, clarify misunderstandings, and can also recognize problems at an early stage. Questions allow us to consider different perspectives and explore alternative solutions. Open communication is key, because we want questions to be received positively. This makes it easier for us to ask questions and advance together.

We share responsibility and create open spaces

We want to work in an environment that challenges us, that we enjoy, where we can be self-efficacious and where we can contribute and implement our ideas.


We are not machines

We are human beings with feelings, thoughts and needs and do not always function in the same way.

We are aware of this and take care of each other.