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Maximum support - minimum effort

klar:suite's editorial modules allow you to focus on creative work

Many factors are making the work of editors more and more difficult: shorter product cycles mean less time to create new content, the range of freely accessible information, some of it generated by AI, means that customers' quality requirements for paid content are increasing, and the switch to digital publications is raising expectations for new information products. In order to meet these demands, authors and editors need to be supported in the best possible way, and it is not enough to simply reduce the time and thus the costs or to increase the ease of work. Read more

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avoid manual maintenance
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With semantic technology, the processing power and accuracy of the computer

In klar:suite, even large amounts of content can be managed editorially. Automatically generated results are explainable and traceable. Control remains in the hands of the editor, who can delete existing content correlations and add new semantic tags and links at any time.

Text editor - a powerful tool

The core component of editorial work is klar:suite´s own text editor. Display and editing take place directly in the user-friendly edition layout (WYSIWYG).

Object identity eliminates multiple maintenance

The content displayed in the editor consists of one or more data objects from the semantic network. Due to the data structure, all objects and content exist only once in the system. Corrections and changes in the editor are applied to the source.

Focus on content - with complete structural control

Entries in the text editor are based on the specifications of a DTD from which editors cannot deviate. Only DTD-compliant functionality is available in the text editor, allowing editors to focus on content.

Text consistency improves reading comprehension

Spelling and grammar checks, linguistic and style checks, (global) search and replace, and integrated terminology tools with synonyms and variants, term definitions to ensure standardisation of usage.

Text consistency ensures quality

Suggestions at word and module level eliminate the need to create and review content twice.

Enrichment that grows with demand

Content annotation gradually enriches content semantically and makes it usable for extended applications. Concept nets, taxonomies and terminologies can also be flexibly imported and automatically used at any time.

Web editor for external authors and reviewers

External authors and reviewers with different writing and commenting rights can be integrated into the editorial team using the full-featured editor in Web Access.

Product visions become reality - fast life cycles

Authors and editors quickly generate new publications in the final layout. klar:suite enables the rapid development of new, innovative information products and covers the entire process of the content life cycle.

Want to know more?

We would be happy to give you a personal demo of our klar:suite modules for editorial assistance.