Content Delivery Platform

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CDP - relevant information with just a few clicks

User-oriented dependend on context and demand

Google search is often better than searching on an delivery platform. Search queries return endless hit lists and documents instead of direct answers to your search query. Read more

valuable content
open up complex content
integrated AI
services that understand content
relevant information
demand-oriented for users
adapt facets, taxonomies on-the-fly
intelligent search
find not search
customer first
provide information not documents

The right information in the right context - always

Klarso's content delivery platform is directly supplied from klar:suite . Dynamically and with the latest content version.

klar:suite as infomation pool

Thanks to the direct connection to the editorial system, delivery benefits from knowledge modelling. Direct feedback options from platform users back into the editorial system improve the information pool.

Personal access and customization possible

Start page and interface are designed on a project-specific basis and can be configured by the customer. Read more

Systematically explore content

Users can explore the content along the taxonomies maintained in klar:suite . Read more

Intelligente Suche in der klar:suite

Content relations and search logic with the displayed facet trees and assignment of the corresponding content are controlled directly via the semantic model in klar:suite . Read more

Explanatory texts on the spot

Glossary texts as tooltips are displayed at the correspondingly marked text passages. Glossary texts are maintained editorially in klar:suite and are only stored once in the system. For new publications, they can be tagged automatically.

Fast interactive fault diagnosis

When repairing a machine, service technicians are quickly guided to the cause of the fault in an interactive process via decision trees created in klar:suite and a report is automatically and directly generated. Read more

Knowledge Warehouse - learning from each other

klar:suite is a flexible information pool for service and end customers as well as for other internal and external applications. Read more

Our customers

Business success with a future

Success with semantic technology

klar:suite is ready to use out of the box and the data model can be quickly created by the customer (no code). Read more

Tailored for you

Your business is unique and klar:suite can be tailored to your individual needs. Read more

Ready for the future

klar:suite includes an agile development environment. Read more